Management philosophy

We pursue the spirit and technologies that bring ideas to life as we aim to contribute to the development of society.

Top Messege

We were founded for the purpose of processing metallic components.
Since 1972, we have been involved in the manufacture of dies, contributing to the fields of two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles as well as ships as a manufacturer of casting dies.
In recent years we have turned our sights toward Asia as we have proceeded with our business activities. Regardless of where we operate, we emphasize “manufacturing that contributes to social development”.

To usher out deeply thought-out products into the world, molds are always used. Standing between manufacturers and consumers, we take our responsibility extremely seriously. We listen closely to the ideas of our customers and properly integrate their thoughts into our dies. For this reason, we treasure sincerity, technology, and the spirit to take on challenges for the sake of our customers. We will continue to push forward as a unit as we strive to hear our customers say, “We could not be where we are without ISK.” We look forward to your guidance moving forward. Thank you.
ISK CORPORATION Director of the Board  Masahiro Suzuki

ISK CORPORATION President Director Masahiro Suzuki

President Director
Masahiro Suzuki

Company Profile

Established January 6, 1982
Location Postal code 438-0045 Shizuoka, Japan Iwata Kamiokada 480-1
TEL +81-538-36-1151
FAX +81-538-35-6681
President Director Masahiro Suzuki
Capital 20 million yen
Number of Employees 35 people
Works Die-casting mold design and manufacturing
Casting mold design and manufacturing
Group Companies ISK HOLDINGS


ISK Design Co., Ltd.


  • 1947   Established in Iwata, Shizuoka Prefecture for the purpose of processing metallic components
  • 1969   Head office factory relocated within the Iwata Ironworks Center
    in Kamiokada, Iwata, Shizuoka Prefecture
  • 1972   Entered the field of die manufacturing
  • 1982   Reconstituted as a corporate organization; Iwata Suzuki Engineering Co., Ltd. founded
    Capital: 10 million JPY Satoru Suzuki took office as President and CEO
  • 1987   Masahiro Suzuki took office as President and CEO
  • 2002   Established jointly-funded merger company in South Korea
  • 2003   Acquired ISO9001
  • 2004   Acquired ISO14001 Established local corporation in Indonesia
  • 2006   Changed company name to ISK CORPORATION along with the internationalization of activities
  • 2007   Established ISK Design Co,. Ltd. whose purpose is the planning and design of dies
  • 2008   Mutual technical partnership with Komei Mogu Industrial Co., Ltd.(高銘模具工業股分有限公司)
  • 2010   Capital increased to 20 million JPY
  • 2015   Reduced capital of Korean corporation
  • 2016   Established ISK Holdings, Transition to holding company structure
  • 2018   The head office newly established the 3rd factory in May
  • 2021   PT.ISK INDONESIA Registered in ISO9001 and ISO14001 in January